Prostar 16x16 Panel Reverse Engineering - The input and output connectors

A project log for Daktronics 16 x 16 RGB Panel Reverse Engineer

I try to get some old electronic sign panels I found in the dumpster going with Arduino

ccatesccates 02/12/2015 at 19:281 Comment

This section is under construction:

Now we have enough information to map out the important parts of the Input connector. We will also look at the output connector.

First the input. The pinout of the input connector looks like this:

InputPinout.jpg (Under Construction)

I have not examined the output connector thoroughly and will not really need to until I have one unit working and want to daisy chain more than one. I do know this pinout:

OutputPinout.jpg (Under Construction)

This gives us enough to work with to start trying to drive the display. Next we can start interfacing it to the Arduino and start trying to mak a program to drive it.


jin.tam wrote 05/19/2015 at 14:56 point

Do you have the pinouts for the board yet?

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