Additional optional z plate for Chinese 300W spindle

A project log for CNC desktop laser/dremel mill/microscope

The aim of this project is to make a desktop cnc machine with at least A3 working area (420x297 mm), Z < 100mm with sub 300 EUR budget.

KertKert 01/28/2016 at 10:530 Comments

I added a secondary optional Z axis plate with a hole patter for the Chinese 52 mm diameter 300W 48V ER11 collect 3000 to 12000 rpm spindle. This plate was added into the 6mm kerf compensated nesting autocad file. As a result the plate got 20mm larger reducing the potential Z axis movement range by 20mm. The mounting pattern for the spindle is 20x70mm hole patter taking M6 bolts. On the picture the yellow stuff is "behind" the z axis plate and the red thing is this new optional spindle mount.