• plans & build pics for seat and backrest

    rawe02/12/2015 at 09:33 0 comments

    The lathes from the used slatted bed base are 65x14mm in size, so the following plans base on this dimensions. In addition, aquare 35x35mm wood was used.

    seat drawing

    No magic involved until now. Just wood, screws and glue.

    Chemistry magic begins...

    the wood "paint" consists of two parts, applied one after the other. The 3rd step is to wax the wood.

    1. 10 bags of black tea + 250ml boiling water + let soak for a week = mixture 1
    2. 1/3 fine steel wool + 2/3 vinegar + let soak/dissolve for a week = mixture 2
    3. 50% beeswax + 50% white spirit + let soak/dissolve for a week = mixture 3

    see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iron_gall_ink and google search terms like "aging wood" for reference.

    backrest drawings

    An important detail is the gap for the seat to go. Instead of 90° there is a slope of 10% (6,5mm for 65mm width). The square piece and the two flat pieces are glued. The upper parts are NOT glued, because they are used to clamp the backrest fabric down.

    This involves more woodworking/sawing/planing:

    ....aaaand screws, screws, screws (not lowered here, yet):

    painted again:

    Seating position

    Backrest fabric not mounted, yet.