One Bad A$$ Power Inverter

I came across a schematic of a reverse engineered 12V - 120V AC Power Inverter. So I started to make the "ONE BAD A$$ POWER INVERTER.

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After looking over the schematic of a reverse engineered power inverter I thought to myself "Self this is not that complicated". So I set about making my own BAD A$$ POWER INVERTER. 

My Goals are as follows.

1.  Pretty Easy to build with normal parts

2. Expandable 

3. Be able to deliver roughly 500 - 5000 Watts depending on how many      transformers are installed.

6. Power my whole conversion van :)

  • 1 × Parts in the Schematic for the 2 PCBS
  • 4 × FDL100N50F Mosfets
  • 1 × IRF1404 Mosfets as many as you need for the Wattage you want.
  • 1 × EDT-49 Transformers. Each Transformer is capable of of approximately <500 Watts

  • I finally found some enclosures I like !!!

    fredkono08/28/2014 at 23:54 0 comments

    I found these extruded aluminium parts at a scrap yard of all places. I paid $10 for all 4. I placed the spray can in the picture for size comparison. 

  • I have acquired the Mosfets and copper wire for winding the Transformers. Will update soon.

    fredkono04/28/2014 at 18:44 0 comments


    fredkono03/12/2014 at 00:24 0 comments

    Basically the only thing holding me up on this project is - 

    1. Some kind of cool box, cabinet or housing to put this in.

    2. Winding the transformers. They are 6 turns center tapped primary and 52 turns secondary.

    3. Getting the IRF1404 Mosfets, Fuses, Fast Diodes and some capacitors.

    4. Working on my Radio restoration lately... 


    fredkono03/12/2014 at 00:10 0 comments

    Here are the 2 pcb's I built (I was lucky and used my buddies CNC machine to make them). The reason I built 2 separate PCB'S is because the smaller one can be used for other projects ( I made 2 extra pcb's for another project).  You can build all the stuff on one PCB if you like or point to point. I have the eagle files too if someone wants to have pcb's made or make the files better.

    Parts is Parts (Notice my collection of EDT-49 Transformers CUE -EVIL LAUGH-)

    PCB with SMPS and lm324 circuit.

    PCB for 60HZ driver.

    Backside view.

     These are some STOUT Mosfets 100amp 500v and something like 2000 watts dissipation.

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