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Inexpensive ESP8266 wifi light dimmer.

RyanRyan 04/06/2015 at 05:500 Comments

After reading the Arduino IDE support for the ESP8266 article on the HAD blog, I decided to write up some quick example code to see if it also exhibited the same flickering issue as NodeMCU. I was very happy to see smooth dimming and have now ported the code I had for NodeMCU to Ardiuno.

Code and Fritzing schematic I've been working on are now available on GitHub. Both are for 110v and will need adjusted timings in code and 30k resistors to the bridge rectifier for 220v.

Next up will be trying to fit all components on my perfboard. I've ordered some 4A 250V pigtail fuses and am waiting to see if I can squeeze it on my board (I will need to shift things around). If not, I will use an inline fuse holder. I'm also hoping to add a low temp (< 100c) AC thermal fuse for peace of mind.

Here is what its looking like with all components in place (except fuse). Nothing is soldered yet.