Nixie Tube Clock

Yet another clock build using the beloved Nixie tubes

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Nixie tube clock project

The tubes used are the IN-14 which are driven by the high voltage display driver HV5812.
Time is kept by a PIC18F1320 using the DS32KHZ as an oscillator.
The PIC also controls the step-up converter responsible for converting 12 V input to the approximately 150 V required to fire the nixie tubes.

Code has been confirmed to compile with xc8 v1.33 using MPLAB X v1.95.

PCB design files in kicad format can be found in the kicad folder.
They have been produced using kicad 2014-12-26 BZR 5338 built for OSX 10.9.5.

You can find details in the Bitbucket repo:

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