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stefan-lochbrunnerStefan Lochbrunner 02/15/2015 at 14:110 Comments

Here are a couple of links that I found useful. I'll update the list as I find new sites and please let me know if you know projects that should be listed here as well.

Let's start with projects. A quick search results in

For the next links there's probably going to be some overlap with references from the above projects but I'd like to mention them nonetheless.

If you have googled the topic you might have come across Phil's video about the topic. There's also some more information in the video description. While on the topic of videos, this one makes a good point why a conversion might not be the best idea.

Now for some detailed tutorials over on intructables:

These are some links that might be useful for adding features like adjustable voltage and digital control:

This post about the efficieny of switching voltage regulators is also quite interesting.