6x 9g servo (TG9e, TowerPro SG90)
6x 9g servo with metal gear (TGY-5009M)
Arduino Mega 2560
SBEC Lipo 5/6V 5/6A for 3S lipol
3S Li-pol about 1300mAh
12x servo extension cable (10-30cm)
12x resitor 2.2K ohm
universal PCB
green LED 3mm
red LED 3mm
yellow LED 3mm
3x resistor 160 Ohm
some pins
42x screw M2x6
6x screw M2.5x6
2x screw M3x25
8x screw M3x6
8x nut M3
4x nut M2
4x white LED 5mm
4x red LED 5mm
RC TX and RX
connector to Arduino
cable ties
3D printed parts

MORE INFORMATIONS: http://www.mochr.cz/index.php?id=rc-rover