Long-Delayed Update

A project log for 5g Aquaponics

indoor, modular, small scale growing, aquaponics

emEm 08/09/2015 at 05:010 Comments

Its been a while, I got an additional job which has required some brain-time investment.

Photos! White speckling is the diatomaceous earth again.

Its gotten super leggy, and I've yanked off some sprigs (well, 12" long ones) to try drying them out. I haven't peeked into the fishtank part in the last two weeks, but I see the fish when I feed them, and they act as they have been the whole time. I checked chemistry (ammonia) a week or two ago, all good on that front. Have added water w/in the last two weeks, and need to again:

The lightsource is a water/weather-proof LED strip, it was too long to fit all into the bucket, so there's a reflection outside it. You can see the ghosty roots, and the algae on the window-panel.

A little closer/better view of the root-forest. Soon as you pull the pot out of the water, it looks *way* less impressive, hah.