Update 2/22/2015

A project log for Electric Ninja

Converting an 05 Ninja 250R to electirc

ErikLErikL 02/22/2015 at 23:540 Comments

Coulomb counter installed. I had to cut the crimp off the main power line as with the lug on the wire, it's just slightly to big to fit through the opening on the Hall sensor. I left the board disconnected because I did't have my USB to serial adapter with me and I didn't feel like hunting down drivers for any of the ones at the makerspace.

I also installed an LED backlight for the speedometer. I was shocked how much power the incandescent bulbs in the gauge cluster used, for the 6 bulbs it was over 2 amps. I've since replaced all the indicator lights with small hand made LED arras, and the backlights too, total draw is under 200ma. I used RTV rubber to close up some cable holes in the back of the cluster (there was a wire bundle for the temp gauge and tachometer.

The cluster is looking a lot less mutilate now that I used some black vinyl to mask off the area where the tachometer and temperature gauges went. I've got a custom neopixel and OLED unit that will be installed the tachometer original was. Until that's ready I wanted to make the cluster look a little nicer.