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Converting an 05 Ninja 250R to electirc

ErikLErikL 08/19/2015 at 17:082 Comments

I thought that it would take me a while to get sick of the lead acid batteries but I was sorely mistaken, so I decided to take the plunge and go for lithium cells. After a lot of research and comparisons I decided to go with the 72Ah CALB LiFePO4 cells. These sells combine an admirable power to weigh ratio and are well documented. The runner up was the Nissan Leaf cells but as they have very little solid documentation and since this is my first time with large lithium packs I would like something that comes with a data sheet.

The packs consist of two bunches of eight cells each.


Jarrett wrote 08/19/2015 at 19:11 point

Sick how?

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ErikL wrote 08/19/2015 at 19:30 point

Low energy density which made the usable range rather small.

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