The project got off to a start when a teachers husband wanted a rotating table for a little duck pond to be used in the schools carnival.

In a scurry I ran to the shop and started digging through the miscellaneous parts I have accumulated over the years.  The motors I came across were way too high of RPM and the slowest one I could find was a right angle drive from a commercial prints shops scrapped machine.  The motor is powered using an old printer power supply that is 22V.  The motor is rated for 24V.  I am sure this slowed the motor but probably not much.

I mated the right angle drive with a homemade pulley that was a chunk of steel turned down enough to create a tight fit with a rubber bike inner tube.

The motor was then screwed to a chunk of 2x2 with one end having a hole drilled into it.  The one holed side was then bolted to a piece of plywood.  This was not tightened all the way to allow for the 2x2 to pivot around the bolt fairly easily.  The nut is a nylon nut to prevent it from unscrewing.  This allowed for the motor to move towards and away from the center of the table, trying to compensate for any inconsistent radius of the rotating table (see below).

The 2x2 then had a hook screwed into it that would hook onto a spring/chain combination which also hooked to the center pivot point.  This gave the tension needed to keep the pulley riding against the outside of the table.

To allow for the table to rotate freely, I used a center pin that stuck up out of a chunk of wood.  

This was turned down to allow for a slip fit inside of the 3 bearings that were in the piece of wood screwed to the rotating table. 

To get the rotating table round, I used a mill/drill with the table moved to one side and the vise clamping the pivot point.  I used a 5/16 end mill in the spindle and manually rotated the table around.  This made a pretty consistent radius.  Once the table was done, I placed a blue plastic table top sheet on the top of the rotating table and fastened it to the bottom using staples. 

The teachers husband made the ducks by gluing a washer to some purchased ducks and tying a magnet to the fishing pole string.  

Here is a pic of the magnet stuck to the washer: