1. This all starts from mapping what contacts go to what keys on the USB keyboard. I decided to use the minimum number of wires and just remap the keys in the emulator. So I went with 2 columns (pins) and 7 rows (pins) , so it's 9 solder points for all 8 buttons.
  2. Chopped as much of the nes controller as I can to make room for all the new components. While making sure not to disturb the plastic supports. As to not to change the feel of the button presses.
  3. Removed the USB hub and USB flash drives from there plastic enclosures. And soldered everything together.
  4. Downloaded an Emulator and some ROMs and put them all on the USB Flash. I'm thinking of adding an autorun.inf/autoplay that well launch the emulator when the nes controller is plugged in.

That's it a quick weekend build... about 3-4 hr.