WinkHub Integration

Hacking the Wink Hub to be more user-friendly for use with OpenHab and other home automation stacks

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Integrating a "rooted" Wink Hub into my Home Automation environment utilizing OpenHab

Howdy! In this project log space, I plan to document the integration of the Wink Hub into my home automation environment. Currently, I have 3 GE Link light bulbs, and a NEST thermostat that will be integrated into the environment. The real meat of this project will be attempting to integrate DIY sensors built around the Digi Xbee devices. I have a few Xbee series 2 modules on order and should be delivered soon. So stay tuned and please let me know if you have any questions!

  • 1 × Wink Hub
  • 3 × GE Link LED Light Bulbs
  • 1 × Digi Xbee Series 2 Radio Module

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Eduardo Reyes wrote 10/12/2015 at 17:51 point

Hi man! did you achieve this?
Maybe i can help!, im looking the same thing


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