Quantity   Component name
1 × Apple Cinema HD 23" acrylic version Display with 1920x1200px
1 × Raspberri Pi Raspberry PI Modell B
1 × Wlan Stick CSL PI compatible 300Mb/s WLAN Stick
1 × MINI 2x3W Amplifier PAM8403 2X3W Mini Audio Class D amplifier board 2.5-5V input For Arduino
2 × Speakers 2 old Speakers from an old MacBook Pro
1 × HDMI Plug I just cutted an HDMI Cabel in half
1 × IR-Remote HAMA Windows IR Remote
1 × Cables and DC Jack Some cables and an old DC Jack
1 × Notebook Power Adapter It has to deliver 24 Volts at best and about 70-120W
1 × MINI USB HUB (optional) 4 Port USB HUB
1 × min 2GB SD CARD for PI SD-Card for Raspberry PI