March Project Log Entry

A project log for Haptic guidance system for the visually impaired

This project utilizes ultrasonic sensors and haptic output to provide increased awareness for the visually impaired.

Jamil MangrioJamil Mangrio 04/17/2018 at 05:450 Comments

While I am conscious of the packaging issue, I am becoming more and more confident in using an eight zone system with two sets of zones for various distances as opposed the initial four zone idea. This increases the range of the device while also maintaining the refined close distance usability, making it a more practical device overall. I also looked more in depth into having a graduated increase in haptic output for more closely detected objects. I do not yet know the range of output that my planned motors will be able to produce, but I expect to implement some sort of identifying signal which can make clear to the user how close the obstacle is. Whether it be a more intense vibration, or a series of short vibration which increases in number the closer something gets, I plan on implementing some sort of identifier. This may work well with the two groups of zones for shorter or longer distances, but I would also have to come up with an identifier between those two. Additionally, I would have to account for the issue of separating these identifiers and having them be short enough to allow the device to give as continuous feedback as possible without getting stuck on one signal for too long. These issues will be solved with testing and trials for various haptic patterns. I may end up resorting to a system like Morse Code to make clear distinctions between things, but I doubt I will end up there; that is quite a complex system for the relatively simple information that this device should be outputting.