Not quite the beginning but a place to start...

A project log for Yet another Home Automation Wireless Doodad!

This is a lowcost rf module designed to link sensors etc to a home automation setup..

FrazzledBadgerFrazzledBadger 02/20/2015 at 21:410 Comments

This project is my first step on the road to Home Automation. I decided to start from the ground up and build some boards to test a low cost, low power rf communications network. I know there are plenty of projects and ideas out there to accomplish this, but I decided to roll my own for a number of reasons.

Firstly, I'm the type of person who likes to build things from scratch, I feel it helps me understand how it works, I can spec it exactly how I want it, and it's also a good learning exercise.

Secondly, I want the individual nodes to be as cheap as possible, I'm aiming to get each one under £10, including case, sensors etc.

Thirdly, there's no worries about obsolecence as I can easily change anything on the project.

Fourthly, I can design each node to the exact size and shape I want, i.e. very small.

Each node will have a rf module, processor and boost converter on it, basically making it a self contained unit. I've designed a development board that has a temperature sensor, light sensor, battery monitoring and a good selection of breakout pins on it. This should be multipurpose enough for my first range of nodes, which will be window/door sensors, general light/temp condition sensors, pir sensors and window blind/curtain motors.

I'm not sure what to use as a main hub, but I will probably go for a raspberry pi for ease of use. Future upgrades will be light/socket control, some neopixel lamps, some sort of clock and a fridge milk sensor to detect how much milk is left. I want it all network/internet controlled