The Bosch side

A project log for The Long Legged Drill

Mix-mash of an old battery case and and 3d printed part gued together to get a cheap Parkside Drill to serve again

NPNNPN 01/28/2018 at 00:010 Comments

Thanks to Simhopp :

I printed the Bosch Pro 18v battery socket with my RepRap Emotion µDelta.

Printing parameters : 95% infill at 50mm/s, 0.2mm layer height and support.

Then make the electrical connection : 

The pads are made from a flattened copper plumbing tube with a thickness of 2mm. It will most certainly corrode so remember to later use electrical grease on the pads.

Cut a piece that will fit tightly in the gap then mark the piece with the line you need to cut :

Cut following the lines (hacksaw would also work) :

Install them in the groove :

Test the voltage between connectors with a voltmeter :

Bend the tabs flush :

Electrical connectors are in place, socket is ready for soldering.