A project log for The Long Legged Drill

Mix-mash of an old battery case and and 3d printed part gued together to get a cheap Parkside Drill to serve again

NPNNPN 01/28/2018 at 00:540 Comments


I used fiber glass mat and epoxy to make a clean surface. I don't know how the glue will hold up. So over engineer it !

I sanded it :

I painted it in black with paint laying around :

Conclusion :

My drill is working great, has a bit more torque as far as I remember, and use the same battery as the other tools. It's really great !

If I had designed the 3D from scratch I could have used just one 3D printed piece, but less work is better.

Quid of the project 4€ for the glue, the rest was laying around in the workshop.