ARF - Arduino Robotic Feeder

Automatic dog feeder with ESP8266 ESP-12E.

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ARF is an attempt to feed may aging Basset Hound without having to get up at the crack of dawn. (He's kind of an asshole about food.)


  • Shall hold an entire 30 lb bag of dog food.
  • Shall dispense a reasonable portion of food on a schedule. (2 feedings per day)
  • Shall not jam, malfunction, overfeed, spill or otherwise encumber my day in any way. (I told you so adverse engineering. )
  • Shall have manual over-ride feed button to bypass go-fast engineering and spaghetti code. Used for when the pizza guy shows up (activate canine diversion command) ACDC.
  • Shall report hopper food level to webpage and debug screen.
  • Shall report IP address to webpage and debug screen.
  • Shall report perceived time to webpage and debug screen.
  • Shall have wifi connectivity.
  • Shall not "look like a total piece of shit." (Spousal scope creep, DFW, Design for Wife, CX, UX)
  • Shall be constructed out of common lumber with minimal cuts. (Modeled using  1x12's

  • 8FEB2018 Task List

    Ramsey Gill02/09/2018 at 05:31 0 comments

    Ramsey DO LIST

    1. DC-DC linear regulator circuit. (12VDC - 5 VDC) - DONE
    2. Connect ESP-12E to intertnet - DONE
      • Print DHCP IP to OLED - DONE
    3. Pull time from NTP server off the web  - DONE
    4. print to OLED - DONE
    5. Function for Easy Driver stepper control FWD/Reverse.
    6. Wire and build mechanical test jig for load cell.  
    7. Function/driver for HX711 load cell amp.
    8. Calibrate/understand scalar values for load cell.
    9. Function for ultra sonic sensor. (Hopper food level)
      • Print to OLED.
      • Math for converting distance to 0-100% hopper fill.
      • Push/email notification service for < 10% remaining.
    10. 3D model updates
      • Finish augur housing model (additive MFG part)  
      • Consider swapping KFL08 bearings out for 608 ZZ fidget spinner style. (cheaper)
      • Output half of augur housing and food chute.
      • Cabinet model updates for electronics in the lid
      • Food bowl and ramp.
      • Load cell mount model, additive?
      • Hopper ramp to divert food away from motor side of hopper bottom. 
    11. Recalculate hopper volume, make sure it will hold an entire 25lb dog food bag.
    12. Build cabinet skeleton 1"x12" pine, glued and air nailed together. 
    13. BONUS: ECAD and fab a PCB to populate all of he sub assemblies in to. Avoids discrete wiring and a lot of soldering, repeatable. 

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