Entry 5: Four Years In...

A project log for The Wash-Is-Done-inator

I'm tired of wasting time between when the washing machine finishes, and when I notice it's done. Time to build a gadget!

Jorj BauerJorj Bauer 06/25/2022 at 01:040 Comments

Four years after the WashIsDoneInator saw life, we replaced the washer and dryer. The new ones also don't make enough noise to alert us, and the good ol' DoneInator has been doing its thing for a few months in a new home.


So I present you with the WashIsDoneInator v2...

(Pictured: the original wash-is-done-inator with a separate amp, still in the speaker housing; and he new v2, on the two perfboards I'm still wiring in this photo.)

Based on the WEMOS D1, this ESP8266 variant has two sensors (one for the washer and one for the dryer). Audio uses I2S, to an Adafruit MAX98357A set to its max gain (+15dB). It's almost as loud as the first version, but it's got a great backup: HomeKit integration.

As far as HomeKit is concerned, this is a contact sensor. When the 'inator is alerting it sends HomeKit alerts that the contact sensor is open; our iPhones are configured to send us notifications on state change, so it's all good.

I'm not exactly sure how the logic is going to all come together. Right now it's ignoring the dryer sensor and just treating the washer as-was. Ideally I'd like to find a HomeKit accessory that has multiple different kinds of possible notifications but there seems to be little documentation out there; I'm still researching.

But it's got all the right moving pieces.

The audio generator I was using had to go. It was based on timers in the Arduino. Instead I'm using ESP8266Audio. My first pass played .mp3 files out of SPIFFS - but that eats up too much RAM (can't run HomeKit + audio + web server without crashing). So I fell back to WAV files. It's not as nice as the mp3 but it's functional.

The whole thing has its own web interface. No longer do we need the single-purpose remote!

Next on my list: fabricating a PCB to replace the perfboard, maybe? It's still ugly, although there's less intrusion on the washer and dryer now that the button's stuck on the speaker instead...