PCB rev 03 arrived

A project log for PIXI Analog Shield

An Arduino Shield using the Maxim MAX11300 for 20 Programmable Mixed-Signal I/O with 12-Bit ADC, 12-Bit DAC, Analog Switches, and GPIO

magicwolfiMagicWolfi 04/26/2015 at 05:240 Comments

Finally the boards from Dirty PCB arrived and they are looking sharp. I got 10 pieces and the quality is outstanding. All copper features are crisp and the silkscreen is excellent. Even 1mm text size and 0.1mm line thickness is readable. The HASL finish adds just enough material to be able to tack on components without extra solder. For full pictures see the project gallery. And here is a closeup of the QFN-48 footprint. The EEVBLOG uRuler comes in very handy to show the 0.5mm pitch.

Can't wait until Monday when I have access to the Mantis microscope to place the MAX11300. The rest of the components is just as easy as my standard saying: "If I can see it, I can solder it".

And who finds the mistake in the silkscreen, look at the full board? Sometimes I feel that a correct silkscreen is the hardest part of a layout. There is always one designator facing the wrong direction (not this time - it is much worse).