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A project log for CBS6000 Computer

Homebrew 8-bit computer system

koen-van-vlietKoen van Vliet 07/01/2015 at 14:560 Comments

I finally got around to implement stable bankswitching routines. I have a routine on the ROM that copies data from one ram bank to the other, so there can be executable code there before a switch occurs. If this were not the case any bank switching action in a user program would cause the system to crash.

I also made new back-boards for the computer. These do the same, but instead of stacking the boards I layed them side by side for a flatter form-factor. This allows me to build these into a case with perhaps a keyboard on top. The biggest problem I faced with the old back-boards was the lack of space. The board on the left will have the (relatively) slow peripherals on it such as serial flash roms, realtime clocks, character display drivers and so on.