Emulating the CBS6000

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Homebrew 8-bit computer system

koen-van-vlietKoen van Vliet 11/16/2015 at 23:400 Comments

Emulators are great for automated testing and debugging. Therefore I decided to write a CBS6000 computer emulator. I based mine off the 6502 emulator written by [Gianluca Ghettini] It is really quite simple to interface with the CPU emulator. It uses two callback functions for reading and writing in memory. In those functions I put my address decoder code.

My emulator is still in early stages of development, but I already managed to boot the operating system. It boots the same binary as the one found in the CBS6000's EEPROM. Right now I am working on the terminal emulator. Right after that I will add a debugger which allows me to step trough programs one instruction at a time.