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The Arduino ECU / EMS Project. Open, cheap, hacker friendly engine management

josh-stewartJosh Stewart 05/31/2015 at 13:330 Comments

Well, nearly the end of the month, but I've made it with the progress report. A couple of big things to announce this time around, starting with the fact that I've decided to go in a slightly different direction with the 1.0 release. I've decided that v1.0 deserves to be a bit more feature complete than I was originally aiming for and so will delay it's release for now. However...

In order to make things a bit easier for those starting out with the project, I'm going to be doing regular (Approximately monthly) preview releases. These will be stable, reasonably well tested versions that can serve as a reference point until the next one. They may not have all the latest and greatest features that are in the git repo, but they should be relatively recent.

The first of these preview releases is now available at: ...

These preview releases will also have a nice stable ini file. So even if I need to patch the release to fix a bug, the ini file will remain the same. This leads me to onto the next exciting point...

I've reached an agreement with EFI Analytics, the company that develops Tuner Studio, and am super happy to announce that the next release will include signature recognition and automatic ini loading for Speeduino. This means no more masquerading as a Megasquirt 1 or anything like that :)

And as if all that wasn't enough, there's been a few nice things happening within the firmware itself too

So that's about it for now. It's been a big month and I expect another big one coming up in June. Things are moving ahead quickly and there's been quite a few new people coming on board to try things out, so its good news all round.