October Progress report

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Josh StewartJosh Stewart 11/09/2016 at 11:180 Comments

OK so I'm a bit late with this months update, but there's a good reason for it. I know I've been a little quiet around the forums the last few weeks, and this has mostly been due to putting all of my Speeduino time into the firmware.

So, without beating around the bush. The good news is that the October firmware now supports full sequential fuel and ignition control! This has been a huge piece of work to get in and is one of the reasons things are a little delayed. A couple of points about the implementation:

In addition to that piece of good news, there's been the usual assortment of new features, bug fixes and performance improvements:
I think that just about covers everything. This is a BIG update this month and there are a lot of changes both in the code and in the layout of things in TunerStudio. I strongly recommend going over your tune after upgrading to ensure that everything still looks ok.

The firmware is available for download from the usual locations:
Monthly code dump:
Github release:

As a side note, there are issues with the and 3.0.11 versions of Tuner Studio that cause corruption to your tune file! Version 3.0.12 fixes these, but PLEASE avoid the bad versions as they can really mess up your tune very quickly.