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Josh StewartJosh Stewart 12/05/2016 at 12:000 Comments

So after the big release of sequential control in October, Novembers release is less focussed on features and more on under the hood changes, although there have been a few new functions added

For the most part though, November is a stability and bug fix release, with heaps of patches included. Many of these are around sequential (and a big thanks goes out to Dan Elliot for testing throughout November!) but there were also improvements made to a number of decoders, overdwell protection etc.

As far as new features go however, the big one is that flex fuel sensing and adjustment is now supported. This allows for reading from a standard frequency based flex fuel sensor and adjusting the mixture accordingly. The great thing about the standard GM/Continental sensor is that is requires no calibration and so tuning of fuel requirements is largely universal. The default settings included in the base tune will work in almost all cases.

This feature does need some documentation to be written up, which I'll do over the next few weeks, but the support is there and working from this month onwards.


Finally, many of you will have seen that there is a poll up to vote on a new logo concept. Just incase getting to have a say in the new logo isn't enough incentive (how could it not be!?!) I've decided to add an extra reason to vote....

Once voting closes on Dec 16th, the final logo will be put together based on the results. At that point I'll be choosing 1 person who voted, at random and they will receive a t-shirt and bumper sticker with the new logo from the first round to get printed! This competition is open to all users who have made at least 1 post on the forum at the time voting closes.

Note that the shirts and stickers will take a few weeks to get printed once things are final, so don't expect your winnings before Christmas or anything.

There have been a couple of additions to the voting options recently and everyone can adjust their vote right up to the 16th, so even if you've already voted, take another look and have your say!


The firm is available for download in the usual locations:


Github release:

Release notes

The full list of changes included in this months firmware is below: