New features implemented

A project log for ESP8266 - native switcher

ESP8266 + 2 relay module + usb charger. As simple as possible two channels switcher controlled from web

pawelkapawelka 05/04/2015 at 19:580 Comments

New features:

  1. Ability to configure Access Point ESSID and password from website (/wifi page). If password is set then WPA PSK is used for wifi protection, otherwise network is open
  2. Ability to configure basic authentication to protect wifi configuration page. If user is black then basic authentication is off.
  3. Reset setting feature. After hard reset (power off and on) you have 5 sec to connect GPIO2 to GND for 3sec. You cannot set GPIO2 to LOW during booting because ESP will not boot. Normal boot takes 1 sec, after you have time to connect GPIO2 to LOW. You can watch counter on serial/COM output with speed 115200 bps.