Internet Connected Spark RGB Strip

Connecting a Spark Core, RGB LED Strip, and a website so you can interact with your LED strip from anywhere with an internet connection!

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Have you ever wanted to interact with an RGB LED strip using the web? The Spark ecosystem allows you to take that one step further and allow anyone to use the same webpage to interact with their own device using your firmware!
It uses Node.js and SparkJS to provide the web UI and interact with a Spark account's claimed devices.

What's Included:

  • Node.js webpage
    • Talks to Spark Cloud to query for specific users, their devices, and interact with them.
  • spark-rgb.ino for custom additions (currently set up for 4-pin JST SM connection)
    • defines the functions that have endpoints exposed.
  • firmware.bin that was compiled from the spark-rgb.ino

  • 1 × Spark Core
  • 1 × Digital RGB LED Strip

  • 1
    Step 1

    Hook up your RGB LED Strip to your Spark Core. (Depending on how many LEDs your strip has, you might need to provide an external power supply. I suggest looking up the specs to your specific LED Strip for more information as it varies.)

    • If you are using the one I chose, you can connect your pins following the instructions here
  • 2
    Step 2

    I was able to drive mine from the Spark Core directly without the use of an external power supply, so if you hook:

    • +5V on the strip to 3.3V output from the Spark Core
    • GRD on the strip to GRD on the Spark Core
    • DI on the strip to D2 on the Spark Core
    • CI on the strip to D3 on the Spark Core
  • 3
    Step 3
    1. Flash your Spark Core with the firmware! You have two options here:
      1. Open up and copy and paste the code from the spark-rgb.ino into a new app, then compile and flash it onto your Spark device (as long as it has a WiFi connection).
      2. Download the firmware.bin and install it yourself through a USB connection to your Spark device.

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