Toddler Door Monitor - Sleep Enforcer - Clock

A door monitor that goes one step further and shows toddlers when it is time to sleep or time to get up.

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I have Toddlers. They get up and wander the house at any hour that strikes them. We've told them to stay in bed until the sun comes up, but this just isn't registering. A Monitor that alerts parents whenever children open the door would be nice but it does nothing to stop the behavior problem. A time based colorful solution that illustrates when it's time to sleep and when its OK to wake might help resolve the midnight walkabouts.

So, I know that the name is a little bit of a mouthful, but something catchier hasn't yet hit me. The idea is to use a reed switch on the bedroom door and when the toddler opens said door, alert (using the network connectivity of the Photon) a corresponding unit in the parental room that there has been a breach in sleeping etiquette. But to further combat the poor sleeping habits, a colorful (yet fairly static) display of colors will indicate to the toddler whether it is time to sleep or get up. And to aid in learning to tell time, a 4 digit 7 segment display will show the current time.

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