My attempt to revive a research/industrial robotic arm.

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I got an amazing deal for this arm on Craig's List. It's missing the controller and I'm unwilling to pay the amount of $$ those things go for, so why not build one from scratch? How hard could it be? ;)

This arm is a CRSPLUS A460.

I'll add more when I get a chance....

  • 3 × PM Field Servo Motor MH3515-228D - The arm has three of these: base rotation, segment 1 actuation and segment 2 actuation. They're from Cleveland Machine Controls.
  • 3 × SUMTAK Differential Linear Encoder LDA-051-1000 - These are the position sensors for the MH3515-228D servo motors.
  • 3 × HP Rotary Encoder HEDS-5310 - These are the position sensors for the servo motors in the arm extremity. Each one is coupled to a 24v DC servo motor.

  • Tracing the HDS-5310 Encoder

    rickmellor03/13/2014 at 06:57 1 comment

    Tonight I pulled out the scopes and power supplies and analyzed the HEDS-5310 single-ended incremental encoders that are used on the extremities of the arm.  There are five wires: Vcc, GND, Chan A, Chan B and Chan I.  I was able to use my Saleae Logic 8 analyzer to confirm the output of the encoder so I know that they work and that I'll be able to process their output.

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rickmellor wrote 05/21/2021 at 19:31 point

Wow the time flies!  We had our first son shortly after this post and our second a couple years later.  I'm now so tired I can't even begin to tell you.  I still have the arm and I've even managed to pick up the control box along the way.  Since I have the teach pendant I pretty much have everything except for the cables and the time to do anything with it.  The kids are getting more self-sufficient by the day so there's still hope.  One of these days...

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Mike Szczys wrote 08/15/2014 at 22:14 point
I'm putting this one on my robotics list in hopes that you will add more documentation. Great project but I want more details!!!

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