A B compiler for the PDP-8...

A project log for PiDP-8/I

Remaking the PDP-8/I using the Pi, simh & a replica front panel

OscarvOscarv 10/14/2019 at 22:271 Comment

New software for a 50 year old computer doesn't appear every day. A full B compiler should be too much to ask. But despite the minimal hardware, Robert Clausecker managed this feat, and as opposed to C, the simpler B suits the 8 very well.

Details are here (PDF) & here; a video presentation is here: (link).

It's a great introduction to the PDP-8 instruction set, and how to build a compiler for it.


Ken Yap wrote 10/14/2019 at 22:51 point

Cool, goes well with the 50th anniversary of Unix.

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