Solar Powered USB Charger

A solar powered USB charger specifically for mounting on a bicycle.

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A solar powered USB charger that I mounted on my bike to keep a old smartphone charged for music.

The plans for this project were larger, initially, but downgraded as I moved through to completion. I was looking to use this system this to power and control my bike's head and tail lights, a Raspberry Pi or music device, and speakers. I decided against that due to the number of wires that I would have to run all over my bike and the weight. As the system is shown, it already adds weight, I'm guessing below 5 lbs, but haven't weighed it.

I left plenty of space on the board so if I decide to add more to it in the future, I can.

I have taken the system with me on a 100 mile bike ride and it kept my phone running at 5% battery while playing music with the screen off, on a cloudy day. It did rain a bit during this time and I used a zip lock bag to cover the top, but had no issues otherwise.

If there are any questions please leave them in the comments and I will check on a monthly basis.

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    Step 1

    Connect everything up and verify everything works on a breadboard to power a Raspberry Pi.

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    Step 2

    Make a cardboard template of the mounting plate, adjusting it so it will fit into the bag.

  • 3
    Step 3

    Layout the components on the cardboard template so they will fit.

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