A project log for SmoothStep force feedback steering wheel

The SmoothStep is an affordable precision force feedback sim racing wheel platform with open source hardware/software.

John TaylorJohn Taylor 02/08/2018 at 04:390 Comments

I have been working on the project for almost a month now and have accomplished a bunch, and also ran into a few problems.  


I have however ran into one big challenge. The DRV8301 Motor Driver Booster pack from TI uses low-side current sensing. Because of the topology of the motor I am using, the sensors on the low-side of the inverter do not provide enough information to determine the phase currents. For this reason I have been working on a custom phase-current sensing booster pack that the motor leads will pass through on their way to the motor. This booster pack will plug directly into the launchpad dev board and provide the phase current information that I need for FOC. 

The plan moving forward is to order the PCB in the next couple of days. As soon as i receive the PCB's I will test them and begin writing the FFB code.