NixieStat ESP32 is now alive!

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Home thermostat using nixie tubes and neon lamps for the display

Joe CroftJoe Croft 01/17/2022 at 01:310 Comments

Finally have a working prototype for version 2 of the NixieStat. My older AVR based version sied last year so I updated it. Some might say over engineered it ;).

This new version is an ESP32 based system with remote sensors. The system uses the Mosquito MQTT bus running on a RaspberryPI to handle feeding the data from the remote sensors to the thermostat itself.

Since my first priority was getting a thermostat that would keep my house comfy, don't have a display for it yet. Since my nouse is now comfy, I am starting on the next step, the User interface.

The source, including code and hardware drawing is now in The code resides in 2 repositories croftj/nixiestat and croftj/esp_components.

Documentation is quite sketchy at this point but will hopefully get better as time goes on.