LED Display for Art purpose

An ongoing and constantly changing project. I aim to use an led grid system to display light in an artistic matter.

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For this project I aim to create an interesting led display as an installation piece using adressable leds. My reasoning is to display how a very low resolution display can be used to display beautiful visuals and or data.

Videos can be viewed on my channel

Some technical pics and jargon can be found on my tumblr

  • 200 × Adressable RGB LEDS
  • 200 × laser cut acrylic plates
  • 200 × custom 3d printed modules
  • 100000 × Miles of stranded wire.
  • 1 × Teensy

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  • Snags and blips

    Pristave07/28/2015 at 02:15 0 comments

    Snags I have encountered during the project and how I dealt with them

    voltage drop once grid reached a certain point, - I remedied this by swapping out multiple adapters with a single 10A 5v Supply.

    Bad LEDS - LOTS LOTS LOTS of testing with a multi meter!

    Flexibility and stability between modules- by designing the modules around the LEDs themselves, the LEDs remained stable in a small circular cradle that was build in the 3d print. so the wires had slack but the flexible tubing that kept the grid together remained taut.

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