There are three components. The online-hub, local-hub, and devices.

  • The online hub lives in an Azure web app with WebSockets turned on.
  • The local hub connects to this online hub and runs on a local machine with Node.js. It will communicate to your devices through the internet or local network.
  • The devices are your smart home devices. They can be anything from a NEST thermostat, WeMo switches, SmartThings devices, or even your own self-made projects.
Currently Supported Devices:
  • Spark maker projects (Button, Motion, RGB Strip)
  • WeMo
  • WeatherUnderground APIs for local astronomical and weather forecasts
  • Clock for time related triggers and data

Currently Being Developed:

  • Yamaha Receiver
  • Z-Wave Devices
  • Amazon Echo Voice Integration

Want to see a device supported? You have the power to add it yourself!