1. Locking and Unlocking a door by using LABVIEW and GPRS/GSM mobile phones (Authorized Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) with no charges).

2. Controlling switches by using a RF remote and specially designed system application i.e. LABVIEW & SMART PHONE.

3. Regulating ceiling fan by using RF remote.

4. 24 hours Complete security with siren and call (independent of power at home).

5. Water tank level indicator.

6. Fire accidents controllers with siren and call.

7. In case of House Break the owner receives a call and the camera captures the images and saves them in SD card.

8. In case the thieves are entered the home weapon module get activated & hits the target (thief) & makes him unconscious for a period of time.


This is the Front panel of Labview

The circular LEDs represents each switch in the switch board module. Switch are represented with a DARK GREEN buttons(shown above),they turns into LIGHT GREEN when it is selected .As soon as the switch is selected on labview the respective switch on switch board module is activated and same switch on labview is used to deactivate. We can also control door by using labview with a switch located at the right side(vertical),which is used to access the door. By hitting the same switch we can lock and unlock the door.These home appliances can also be controlled by a smart phone by using TEAMVIEWER software,this software allows the smart phone to control system.

Project is divided into 6 different modules.

Module-1 (Master):

It consists of 2 ATMEGA16A controller with Dot Matrix display, 4*4 keypad (Calculator), PIR sensor (for security), temperature sensor (IN CASE OF ABNORMAL TEMP) &LCD display. Interfaced with mobile consisting of camera for capturing the Images of House breakers (thieves) & callback to house owner .It is used as calculator, We can control home appliances and door with Laptop or Desktop by Interfacing with Master module. Master module got PIR sensor in it which helps to monitor the home in the absence of owners. In the case of emergency(Fire accidents, homebreak) master module will call the owner and starts taking snapshots continuously with the the help of mobile connected in it.

Module-2 (Remote RF Tx) :

It consists of ATMEGA8A controller with 18 keys to access the switch board, speaker & torch. This module will help us to control home appliances.By pressing specified key its corresponding switch gets activated. Operating remote is as simple as operating normal Tv Remote including additional feature like Torch light. It has a range of 500 ft (as per the datasheet of RF module 434 mhz) ands signals can penetrate through the obstacles (walls, doors, human body, etc...).

Module-3 (Switch Board RF Rx) :

It consists of ATMEGA16A controller with 24 pair of terminals (OPTOCOUPLER's & TRAIC's), buzzer (for water level indicator). It can control up to 12 AMPERES RMS 600 thru 800 VOLTS. This module can be controlled using PC(with labview), Smart mobiles, Remote module.Module should be installed back of the commonly used Switch boards. Switch Board Module has 24 pair of terminals to which 24 different home appliances are connected and voltage can also varied using remote. It also includes Water level Indicator i.e Buzzer. and

FUSE which prevents home appliances from high currents.

Moodule-4 (Door RF Rx) :

It consists of ATMEGA8A controller, motor driver (to lock & unlock the door), buzzer (to indicate whether the door is in engage ) & LEDS (RED-LOCK, GREEN-UNLOCK). By installing this module to our door,one can access the door by using PC, Smart Phone, Manually by sitting at any corner of the world. These doors are only accessed(locked and unlocked) by authorized persons and authorized phones.

Module-5 (Siren) :

It consists of ATTINY13A controller, speaker (for LOUD SIREN).The siren module is like a wireless speaker,in any case of emergency(Fire accidents, Homebreak) it gets activated and generates siren,so that neighbors can also identify in owners absence.

Module-6 (Weapon)... Read more »