It's a Tesla Coil that's controlled with LabVIEW and the myRIO to play Star Wars, Harry Potter or any music source (such as a guitar)

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It uses LabVIEW and the myRIO to control a Tesla Coil that I made. The Tesla Coil is very easy to make and I outline exactly how you can make it here:

If you download the PDF attached to that page it explains how each part of the circuit board works. I understand not everyone has access to a myRIO but it could be possible to integrate another uC in it's place. But it won't have the wireless adapter built in like the myRIO, or an FPGA or the ability to make awesome GUIs like you do with LabVIEW. But if you do wish to do something similar then most of the content (regarding the circuit) is applicable.

My circuit uses the ir2110 high/low side MOSFET/IGBT driver which is easier to get your hands on (especially in the UK) than most of the other chips I've seen in SSTCs.

Any questions, please feel free to ask them on the YouTube video, I'll be more than happy to answer them.

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