This started simple enough, I wanted lights in the skull eyes! Which quickly (as I was soldering it) thought about how it's going to be safer too which then led to the dead man's switch idea from having to wear a bracelet (my mom has one too) so if I'm unconscious an EMT can call my GF or whoever to help. So I don't know if I would trust just setting an accelerometer at some below X, Y appropriate setting or if I should find a more specific breakout like maybe just on the bike. If you can see in the picture only one NeoPixel is working and the tester shows everything is getting power so as inconsistent it is when you give it juice only once has it lit right ( both on ). I'm also having a lot of issues with the IDE's not liking Gemma whether it's the driver or the com port or the 2.0 USB only or all the red AVR Dude advertisements that keep popping up JK but even though I'm really new at this I'm thinking it's not me mostly because I've had success with harder project's. I just thought I'd be to the WI-FI communicating with whatever sensor I pick for getting hit by some crazy South Florida driver. This is great. Just actually putting this project up on Hackaday is when I got the idea to maybe just put the crash sensor on the bike and not my person. Thank's Hackaday!