Good News, Bad News and Ugly News.

A project log for Alsask Observatory Project

We will retrofit a 1960's era Cold War RADAR dome to a Radio Observatory

Lorin BriandLorin Briand 05/20/2015 at 01:260 Comments

Good News! The company has been approved. In a few days we should have a bank account and begin work in earnest.

Bad News! After asking around, the only way to really handle the razor wire left behind by the military is to get chain mail gloves and chest piece. Imagine such a high-tech place needing a partial suit of armour. Fortunately, a co-worker has a suit that might work. If not, I'll have to MAKE a suit ( gauntlets & chest piece).

Ugly news! I had been storing some optical equipment (a 5-inch optical telescope) up at the site. Someone broke into the site and stole it. This means that securing the site is going to be priority one, now.