ICWatch isn't a simply DIY watch

--It can be a development board for extending modules.

--Help you to design your special and unique wearable watch.

--Inspire your imagination and creation.

Code for reference:


Step 1: PCB & Components

The white PCB which makes the ICWatch more harmonious and beautiful. What's more, it's with 1.6mm thickness which allows the ICWatch to accommodate more components.

It's with 0805 package capacitance and resistance, which expands the soldering area and makes it easier to solder.

This watch is with ATMEGA328P chip.

Step 2: Hardware of the ICWatch

The wristwatch is made of Silicone material which does no harm to skin, more comfortable. And different color of the wristwatch for choosing.

It uses the IIC interface between the PCB and the 0.96〞OLED. Besides, it
uses the U8glib driver which is more convenient and faster.

Step 3: Features of ICWatch

  • With Multi interfaces (IIC、SPI、ADC2、ADC3) to connect more modules
  • Based on Arduino which is faster and more convenient.
  • It has the convenient API, so you can develop a smart watch easily.
  • The written program of this ICWatch is based on the powerful U8glib of the Arduino, so it is easy to be transplanted.

Step 4: Connect more sensor modules

Step 5: Watch Video