Feeders & pressure sensor

A project log for basePnP - pick and place machine

Pick and place machines seems to be popular in these days. So why not to build one?

hynaHyna 04/13/2015 at 23:360 Comments

Seems that two moths is really big challenge for such a complex project like this :D

As my thesis supervisor suggested, I did implemented pressure sensor for check if component was picked up or not. For this purposes I ordered MPXM2202AS from Farnell. This sensor has differential output with only 40mV full scale. So the differential amplifier was needed.

Here is the prototype

Output is set to 3V at atmospheric pressure and goes down to 2V when pump is directly connected. This should give me enough range to detect presence of components.


Most of the components which i normally use came in cutted tapes. After few minutes in OpenSCAD and two iterations I came with following solution.

According to On Semiconductor there is maximum height of components for 24mm tape 11.9 mm. So this system should handle all tapes widths from 8mm to 24mm without problems. Tape feeders can be easily adjusted to any tape width.

For the rest of the components there will be "single component" type of feeder implemented.

Make a good feeder is crucial, so I expect a lot of redesigns.