I wanted to make an NES controller that stands out from the rest of the DIY ones. My goal was to make one that was small and uses no buttons. The idea was to use your fingertips to send out commands. Once your finger touched a certain area a command would be sent out. Such as up, down, left, right, A and B. The componets that made this achievable were 8 npn switching transistors. One for each button. I used the transistors to essentially make a switch that closes once your finger touches a small exposed piece of wire and the metal enclosure at the same time. How this works is quite simple. The metal enclosure actually has a small voltage running through it and the exposed piece of wire goes to the base of the transistor, once your finger touches both the wire and enclosure a small amount of current travels through your skin and to the base of the transistor which turns the transistor on and grounds the original command thus sending out the command you intended. This type of mod can assist those with disabilities that involve having a hard time pushing buttons.