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A project log for IRBE-1 (InfraRed Balloon Experiment)

Using near-infrared in near-space. High altitude balloon for Global Space Balloon Chanlenge

roberts.tropsroberts.trops 03/02/2015 at 08:250 Comments

The capsule is now covered with tinfoil and it has the holes for each camera. Here is pictures of both cameras we will be using and capsule.

By removing the IR filter in canon A490 and adding adding infrablue or red filter, this camera will be able to take pictures with infrared in red channel and visible light in blue channel.

SJ4000 will capture full HD video of the flight. SJ4000 angle of view is quite wide (140 deg) and capsules walls are about 3cm thick, so if we were going to fit it inside capsule, it would require ridiculusly large lense hole. Instead camera was moved inside capsules wall. Also a plastic cover was made to prevent it from falling out of the payload. Now it fits inside nicely.

We will have a custom made parachute, because it is more cheap and more fun. We did some tests with material of our choosing, threads and ropes.