• It's finished!

    kristina panos04/12/2015 at 02:47 0 comments

    It seems to be finished. I put it all together and it worked fine, except for two pots that occasionally shorted against the lid.

    See the updated video link for a really long test drive.

  • I rest my case (almost).

    kristina panos03/30/2015 at 00:33 0 comments

    This poor fruit cake tin already has fourteen holes in it, but I still need to decide where to put the power switch and the output jack.

    I'm one knob short. Fortunately, they haven't shut down all the Radio Shacks in this town yet. I wanted to use the 3/4" fluted hex knobs from RS, but they're too short for the pot shafts. I happened to have a single RS control knob, which is a healthy 18.88mm tall. These will leave just enough room for movement.

    The current picture is just a teaser. The board is all done except for connecting up the panel mount components of which there are several. Okay, so the board is half done.

    // TODO

    • Decide on a power switch and where to put it
    • Decide between 1/8" and 1/4" output jack and where to put it
    • Drill holes for above
    • Mount panel face components and solder to board
    • Decide between standoffs and foam tape
    • Make noise