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A project log for SquareTone

A hardware project that generates square waves frequencies and sums them together, Fourier style.

Adam GulyasAdam Gulyas 01/03/2016 at 07:050 Comments

Edit: The Engineering Art Show is no longer happening, so this project has been pushed back in priority.

If I'm going to finish this project in a month, I will need some way to plan out the entire thing. Enter Gantt charts. I've never made one before, but a quick google search told me that GanttProject is an open source program I can use to make them.

I've tried to make this one as general as possible so I can use it on other projects.

I'm not experienced enough to know how long some of the design steps will take so I'm using it more like a flow chart that tells me what to focus on. As an example, I would sometimes become distracted by sourcing parts. With this plan, I know I can leave it alone entirely.

Also, after making this it seems like there's no way I'll be done in a month. I think I will still push for that goal, but set a new hard deadline of two months. The UofA Engineering Art Show is at the beginning of March, and this would make a great entry.