Quantity   Component name
25 × VEX metal Various pieces from our four teams' bins. Also 2 sprockets, 2 shafts, nuts and bolts, doubled-up collars, team plates, and 2 4' poles from last year's game, Toss-Up. Oh, and some zip-ties, of course.
2 × VEX Servo Motors These work fine with Arduino Servo library. Programmed for about 100° wing motion.
1 × Arduino Nano AVR '328 has plently of grunt for this. Sketch is less than 6K.
6 × Joe Knows Superbright LEDs Green and white for the eyes (Go State) and red and yellow for the flames. Driven directly off Arduino DOs thru 100 ohms.
1 × VEX 7.2V 3000 mAh NiMH battery One charge lasts all day!
4 × Wiring Cut-up IDE ribbon cable, 2 VEX 3-pin cable female ends, 9' Belden dual twisted pair cable strung thru poles, battery connector, momentary switch connected to Arduino DI.
1 × Piezo Speaker Desoldered from a dead motherboard and wired directly to Arduino DO. Tone library makes a nice raptor's screech.
3 × Custom Flame Waveguides Cut 2 mm acrylic waveguide flames hot-glued to 5 mm LEDs.