Using VIPER is very easy!

You just need to download a single package from our website, and unpack it on your computer or on a USB stick. VIPER is ZERO-install!

VIPER is a complete solution: It also includes an embedded, portable Python 3.0 engine in order to make your life easier!

Launch the VIPER IDE and develop your project, or test one of the examples we made for you. Just connect to the VIPER App to control everything on your board!

Time to play with your board: you need only 5 simple steps.

VIPER is a set of open source software and hardware tools developed and professionally maintained by our team with a specific mission: make your design activity productive and enjoyable!

We want to share with you what exactly we have developed so far, and what we want to offer as a final product. Your help will allow us to refine our current tools into a polished product.