VisionBot SMT Pick and Place machines

An affordable Pick and Place machine with Computer Vision that enables makers and electrical engineers to assembly their own products.

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VisionBot is a Pick and Place machine that is using its own Advanced Computer Vision software to assembly Printed Circuit Boards by precisely placing electronics components onto PCBs. VisionBot is able to place about 3,500 electronic components/hour onto PCBs. Using this machine, makers will be able to turn their home-made electronical prototypes into large volume products. This is the first prototype of the VisionBot machine.

VisionBot Pick and Place machine software has a powerful in-built visual editor for importing and working directly with the Gerber standardized file. It means the machine is compatible with any Electronic Design Automation (EDA or ECAD) software.

Now, I am looking to build the second generation of the VisionBot Pick and Place machine prototype in order to look better. I want also to bring VisionBot to the makers world.

VisionBot Pick and Place machine will work with 24-32 feeders or 96 feeders.

VisionBot - affordable Pick and Place machine

VisionBot Pick and Place Machine Computer Vision - Real PCBA Test

Built in a maker homemade laboratory to enable the dreams of millions of electrical engineers, makers and hackers.

VisionBot Pick and Place test with 0603 resistors from the video.

VisionBot or BIT TECHNOLOGIES RO "garage".

VisionBot Pick and Place main electronic board that is controlling the entire machine.

VisionBot SMT Placement Equipment has an advanced software that is able to import layouts directly from RS-274X Gerber files

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    Step 1

    First you must build the skeleton of the machine itself.

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    Step 2

    Must write a desktop software which comunicates with your machine firmware. The mechanical parts are controled by the desktop machine itself.

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    Step 3

    fter I placed the four stepper motors on the skeleton of the robot, I was able to continue developing (mostly on the PIC18F4550 firmware software which reads the data sent by the computer software and controls the stepper motors). I also tested the Electronic Solenoid Valve and found that the valve works.

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d1rtyd wrote 10/11/2015 at 22:49 point

What makes yours different from everyone else currently re-inventing the pick and place machine?

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Chase Rayfield wrote 10/12/2015 at 03:19 point

The software looks a lot better as far as I can tell... Most of the open source pick and places don't do vision either. Although I think the FirePick does.... I'm not sure this one will be open source :/ like the FirePick though. This one uses microsopes and I think the FirePick only uses a UVC webcam... though I am pretty sure youc an get a UVC microscope.

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Alexandru Budisteanu wrote 10/12/2015 at 07:46 point

We have different implemenation. VisionBot software works directly with the Gerber standardized files by having a Gerber editor that generates centroids data. Most PnP work only with CSV files and you need to create & edit by hand the centroid data or change your EECAD. We have an advanced Computer Vision software that uses digital microscopes to correct small errors. VisionBot is one of the few PnP machines that has On Fly Computer Vision. We are the only PnP machine that allow Python Scripting and many other stuff. Btw your question sounds like "what makes Audi different from everyone else currently re-inventing the cars". 

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bebetxx wrote 03/04/2015 at 14:19 point

A really interesting Pick and Place robot. I am looking forward to see a video from you guys and more details

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Alexandru Budisteanu wrote 07/17/2015 at 09:31 point

We will make a another video in a few weeks. We are quite confident that in one month we will come with VisionBot 2

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